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Business Finance – What Funding Is Available for Development Stage Companies Now?

Business finance can be tricky, especially in the early development of a business. If you are looking for a way to finance these early development stages, it is a good idea to know what type of investor to turn to. Not all investors are willing to hand over money based on the specific factors associated with your business. They want to know where their risk lies, not just with your company’s specific information but also on a larger scale.

The right type of investment is critical, for all stages of development. Where you put your time and money into developing and finding investors is really up to you. However, some types of investors respond better to the higher risk development period. In the concept phase of business development, you are working on developing your idea.

  • You are considering the feasibility of the creation of a service or product based on your idea.
  • You are trying to determine how you will create that product or service.
  • You are trying to determine how you will deliver the product or service to the customer.
  • You are also working to develop a target customer, as well as partners, competitors and distributors that will work with you through this business.

The risks are highest at this level. That is because your plan is just an idea and it does not have any experience on the ground working. Realize that in most cases, all market research and the design of the initial product or service, as well as most other development costs, come from the entrepreneur in most cases.

Which investors should you turn to?

  • The initial investors likely to help are the grants you may qualify for. You may also get help from friends and family who believe in you.
  • Angel investors are often the first type of third party investor who will invest at the concept and development stage.
  • As risks improve and move closer to start up, you can turn to seed capital investors.

Most often, venture capital and public investors do not occur until the business is established and growing. If you are considering the type of investors right for your business, you need to take into consideration where your business stands and just how much risk investors will need to take on. The more risk there is, the more difficult it can be to find investors.

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