Equity Capital

Equity Capital is generally an investment referring to the buying and holding of shares of stock in a Company. Typically early stage Companies get equity capital from individual accredited investors, angel investors or investment firms in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains, as the value of the stock rises or an IPO.  Equity Capital may also refer to the acquisition of equity (ownership) participation in a private (unlisted) company or a startup company. Equity Capital is also referred to as venture capital investing.

Castle Rock Resources is recognized as a leader in early stage company’s capital raising efforts by providing superior origination strength and structuring expertise. The firm’s activities include initial public offerings, follow-on equity issues, convertible issues and global private placements.

The Firm also offers After-Market Advisory and Execution Services for Companies and Investors

  • Share Buybacks
  • Convertible Debt Repurchases/Restructuring
  • Capital Markets Advisory Services & Non-Deal Investor Meetings
  • Restricted Stock Transactions
  • Block Trading
  • Trading Insight

The Firm not only initiates minority investments in public companies, but also offers a block trading solution for when they are ready to exit their publicly-held positions all with limited market impact. Our solution goes above and beyond passive crossing networks and enables investors to proactively source liquidity that may not be currently available in the public markets.

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Our Mission

To provide emerging growth companies the exposure they need to achieve success in the Financial Markets and to help our clients and investors realize their true potential through mutual growth.

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