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Serious About Raising Private Funding Effectively?

For those businesses that want to raise private funding, it can seem like a daunting market. It may seem as though there are fewer investors out there, or those investors have a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. Considering this, it can seem very frustrating for today’s business owner who does not want to become a publically traded company to find a true option for raising capital. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Reg D Offering

A Regulation D offering may be the right option for a business that is seeking equity capital, or debt financing, in the range of $25,000 up to $50 million. Simple deeds are included here, including seed capital for opening a business and funds for high growth companies. There are rules from the SEC and states that can place regulations on investors who wish to use this method, but for many private companies, this move is the best option if you want a practical method for raising capital.

Reg S Offering

A Reg S offering is another option. This is often an offshore offering where there is a company in the United States looking for foreign investment capital. Under Regulation S offerings, there is a determinant of whether the offering of securities would be considered to “come to rest abroad.” This method can help ensure the company is not required to meet the specific registration obligations imposed under Section 5.


For the private investor, another option is a PPM. A private placement memorandum is typically necessary for a business that is seeking capital for an investment fund. This type of document is complex but it can provide an opportunity for the company to raise the funds needed. This is a funding round of securities, which is not considered an IPO or initial public offering. Rather, only a smaller, chosen set of private investors will invest in the company. There are regulations that must be met, but this method can become a good way for a small or larger sized business to raise capital.

For those businesses that do not wish to go public, but do want to raise capital, there are options. It is best to work with an attorney or a professional organization to set up these types of offerings and investments, especially since the process can be very difficult to manage. Keep in mind that your business can achieve the financing it needs with the proper guidance.

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