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Consulting Services - Business PlanCastle Rock Resources provides a vast and comprehensive range of consulting services tailored to the needs of public and private corporations. Typically, these services are packaged and purchased for a flat monthly fee, however Castle Rock Resources can provide a custom tailored program surrounding an individual company’s needs on an ala cart basis.

Castle Rock’s Consulting Services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Commercial Insurance Package Policies
  • D&O Insurance
  • Capital Raising
  • Going Public
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual Property & Patent Protection
  • Trademark Registration
  • Franchise Development

Business Planning: Encompasses the setting of both short and long-term objectives, followed by the development of strategies outlining “How” those objectives may be achieved.  This procedure is fundamentally the same for all types of companies, regardless of their industry, size, or years in business.  Castle Rock Resources assists management to weave a comprehensive plan that can be used by management to inform employees, customers, banks and investors of where the company is, where it is going and how is it going to get there.

Marketing & Public RelationsCorporate Branding: The Castle Rock Resources team works with our clients on marketing strategies and branding.  Castle Rock Resources Business Development and Planning will help the Company get  exposure to  media outlets and social networks in its related industry. In addition, Our Partner Companies have the ability to develop e-commerce Web sites, develop custom commercials and infomercials and even establish distribution channels for your company’s products, both domestically and internationally.

Capital Raising: Castle Rock Resources team works closely with its clients on the capital needs of the Company and effectively communicates to its investor community. Castle Rock Resources team has established strategic alliances with financiers, investors, associate lenders, private or public money partners and banks that can accommodate your type of business.

Going Public”: Consulting services, which may include a new S-1 filing or a reverse merger into a publicly traded corporation. Castle Rock Resources works with several SEC Attorneys specializing in SEC law.  In the case of a reverse merger Castle Rock Resources will work to find suitable candidates, assist in performing Due Diligence as well as negotiating terms. Click here for more information on Going Public.

Private Placement Memorandum: Castle Rock Resources can assist (through its SEC Attorney) in the drafting of a Reg. D 504 or 506 Private Placement Memorandum exempt offering statement, which will allow a company to raise funds from private investors. Castle Rock Resources will work with the client or the client’s SEC attorney to assure proper filings are made with the SEC (utilizing the Online Edgar system) and the individual state(s) “Blue Sky” agencies.

In addition, Castle Rock Resources helps companies establish best business practices and provides assistance in the following business activities that most emerging companies require:

Corporate Governance: Maintaining documentation of material events of a corporation can be a daunting task. Castle Rock Resources specializes in providing companies drafts of all Board of Directors and Shareholder meetings that approve corporate resolutions for actions to be taken by the corporation. In addition, Boost Marketing can offer assistance in gathering information and providing informational requirements for numerous state, federal and FINRA filings, to accomplish such objectives as:

  • Forward/Reverse stock splits
  • Amendments to Articles of Incorporation for:
  • Corporate Name Change
  • Increase/Decrease in Authorized Shares
  • Change of State domicile
  • Payment of Dividends
  • Other governance task

Franchise Development: Castle Rock Resources team works closely with a renowned, full service commercial law firm that is nationally recognized in the area of franchise and distribution law.  The firm represents clients throughout the United States areas ranging from franchising.

Trademark: Intellectual property is an important asset to any corporation. Even more important, is the protection of that asset. Castle Rock Resources can provide preliminary federal trademark search and assistance in filing Trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), along with, Patent review and assistance in working with client’s Patent attorney.

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To provide emerging growth companies the exposure they need to achieve success in the Financial Markets and to help our clients and investors realize their true potential through mutual growth.

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